Achieve Coaching and Consulting
A dedicated partner in exploring, planning, and achieving your goals via personal / career coaching
Coaching Program

Coaching Overview

I provide personal coaching to help individuals establish a vision and shape clear goals and objectives. Then, I assist in developing an action plan to attain the goals.  Finally, after the plan is in progress, I'm there to provide support throughout the journey.

Coaching Steps

At a high level, the coaching steps are: 

- Exploration to understand the issues
- Forming a vision for success, happiness
- Establishing specific goals and objectives
- Developing an achievable action plan
- Follow-up to sustain commitment and

Coaching Services

I serve my clients by helping them with 
career/professional, educational, personal, or other important life goals.

Depending on the client's specific needs, I assist with skills and techniques in these areas:

- Developing planning, organization, and time management skills
- Achieving balance in life
- Fine tuning interpersonal and professional skills  
- Personal branding, resume/portfolio development, and interview prep.


Achieve Coaching and Consulting
Allentown, PA

Cell Phone/Text: (484) 431-9231
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